What are the judges looking for? Here are some suggestions from the judges on what makes an award winning entry:


  • "Evidence, evidence, evidence. Don't just make bold statements. Support them with hard facts".
  • "The most important thing is to tell your story. Too often awards entries seem to be little more than a series of disjointed statements with no sense of narrative or focus on the category being entered"
  • "Think very carefully about how to strike the right balance between what you say in the main awards narrative and what you provide in the way of supporting material. The supporting material should relate clearly to the entry".

  • "Read the criteria, make a list of the key points and address them clearly in your entry".

  • "I sometimes think people forget that the same judges are likely to be reviewing more than one category and submit virtually the same entry for several categories. These entries rarely succeed in impressing judges because they usually fail to address the specific requirements of any of the categories in which they appear. Every category is different and we are looking for different things so entries should be written appropriately for every category they are entering."


Please see the list below for this year's judging panel:


Mark Battersby, Editor, International Adviser 


Phil Billingham, Director, Perceptive Planning


Michelle Hoskin, Founder and Director, Standards International


Tom Porter, Managing Director, Last Word (Asia)


Andy Robinson, Industry Professional and Consultant


David Worsfold, Director, Worsfold Media Services


Nigel Sillitoe, Chief Executive, Insight Discovery


Richard Romer-Lee, Managing Director, Square Mile Research


Julie Littlechild, Founder, Absolute Engagement


Mimi Pienaar, Head of Practice Management, Masthead


Amber Bates, Independent Marketing Consultant


Andrew Tjaardstra, Former Asia Editor at Incisive Media and Independent Consultant and Writer, HK