The International Adviser Best Practice Adviser Awards are open to all authorised adviser firms in the relevant region. Advisers can enter multiple categories for each region’s awards and they are free to enter.


How to enter

Click here to submit your entry; Create a login, choose your region and then your category.  Supply supporting documents where mentioned above.


Hints and Tips:


Fort those of you starting to put your entry together or are bit unsure, International Adviser has put together a few hints and tips on what makes a good entry and makes the judges sit up and take notice of what you’ve got to say:

1. Tell a story
Construct an entry by using the opening paragraphs to "whet the appetite" with your reasoning to why you deserve to win and when answering each of the bulleted points in each category "tell a story" that backs this up.


Judges will be looking for the ideas, skills and passion that have enabled your business to grow, large or small.  They will also be looking for a bit of foresight. Give them the bigger picture also in the direction you’re going to.


2. Support what you’re saying
Try to include clear and measurable evidence of achievement or explanation of why an achievement is significant or innovative. Dependent on category, examples can include, financial targets vs. actuals, testimonials from clients, qualifications of staff to business projections. 


3. Show you’re a leader
Best practice for financial advisers is for the future fit of business.  Judges want to know who’s going to be leading the way. From client service to data management to professional development to social media.  What new areas of best practice are you pushing to achieve your desired business goals?


4. Be creative
Don’t be afraid of offering more than a few words on a form. The judges are an impressionable bunch and need to be shown as well as told why you should win. From promotional materials, photographs and even videos to letters from clients, a bit of colour goes a long way.  The Awards system allows up to three supporting documents of all files types.  Links to evidence can be included in your entry form.


5.  Get people involved
Writing an entry can be a daunting task, when resource and time is tight.  We’re aware that not all advisers have expertise in this area so try and get as many people as you can involved to help you through the process.  Getting buy-in from the start will ensure that any grey areas on answering criteria are addressed and the end result will feel like a true team effort with that drive to win.


Entry guidance

A maximum of 1000 words, with your introduction "Why we deserve to win..." declaration highlighting the overall thrust and main impacts of your entry, referencing the appropriate key points in the criteria.


In general the judges are expecting to review matters that have come to fruition (ie with measurable results) over the previous 12-18 months, although longer term success and sustainable development is also relevant, especially when it comes to financial performance and client service.


Supporting documents

Supporting material is optional but the most important point to focus on when preparing any background material and supporting evidence is that quality and relevance matter most, not quantity.


The panel of judges will also review relevant websites so full addresses and access codes should be provided where that forms part of an entry.  A maximum of three files can be submitted of various forms no bigger than 2MB per file size.



If you have any questions regarding entering, or need assistance putting your entry together please do not hesitate to contact Yasmin Abed on telephone +44 (0)20 7382 5980.